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Simmons Whitetail Classic 2.5x8x36 Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes Manufacturer: Simmons
Simmons Model: Whitetail Classic 2.5x8x36
Review Category: Rifle Scopes

Purchase: Rifle Scopes Purchased new from a major game call manufacturer. As it had been given to them by Simmons for evaluation and they had no use for it, I got it new in the box for $35.00.

Things I like about the Simmons Whitetail Classic 2.5x8x36 Rifle Scopes: Looked good and the price seemed right at the time.

What I don't like about the Simmons Whitetail Classic 2.5x8x36 : Perhaps the first warning was the Made in the Philippines label. Installed it on a 223 and immediately noticed the lack of clarity at any range. I adjusted the ring and settled for the best view I could get. At the range there were some disappointing groups. I readjusted the ring a few times trying to get a reasonable focus and the O ring failed (lock ring backed off prior to adjusting). Groups did not improve. Subsequent trips found I needed to resight it every time. Found a Chinese BSA 3x9x32 the other day on sale dirt cheap and installed it and now have a nice clear scope with no adjusting that puts rounds where they are aimed. I'm not a BSA fan after some of the reports I've heard, however maybe the ones from China are okay, especially for the bucks. Hate the thought of chinese tho', and don't know how it would perform on a kicker. I've got several scoped rifles with older Redfields, Weavers, and a Burris Fullfield II (love it). Just got tired of the big bucks every time I get a whim for a new shooter. The Simmons is just one of those lessons and it goes on the shelf with those Bushnells and Tasco World Class scopes that one collects when trading firearms.

Rifle Scopes Whitetail Classic 2.5x8x36 quality: Looks good.

Whitetail Classic 2.5x8x36 summary: Unfortunately, unlike the Bushnell trade ins, I won't even attempt to put this one on a 22.

Rating for this Simmons product: 1

Author of this review on Simmons Rifle Scopes: KaneCounty

Date: 2004-11-10

Usefulness Rating: 4.40351 out of 5.
57 reader(s) voted.

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