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CVA from BPI Mag Hunter 50 cal Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: CVA from BPI
CVA from BPI Model: Mag Hunter 50 cal
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder Got it from Wallyworld for about $150. Liked the looks and feel.

Things I like about the CVA from BPI Mag Hunter 50 cal Black Powder: The rifle looks good with a fairly well done Advantage camo stock. Its easy to load and is made for Powerbelt bullets which CVA owns incidentally. I've had a few bp rifles in which Powerbelts fell down the barrel. It shoots fair considering the sights and it doesn't weigh too much. The placement of the safety is good for us Leftys. Its an entry level gun.

What I don't like about the CVA from BPI Mag Hunter 50 cal: The cheap plastic sights are throwaways basically. the rear would not tighten down after adjustment as the screw head went through the cheap plastic hold down. The front sight was loose out of the box. Tightening the one screw didn't help. They had used glue to try to hold it in place securely. Called BPI and they sent the upgraded sight explaining that they have not had a problem with them. Not much better however and required several glue attempts just to secure it. The replacement sight has too large of a "club" on top to get much accuracy. I like a smaller bead. Close range in brush country, maybe-if it do't fall off first. The rifle would do better with good sights.

Black Powder Mag Hunter 50 cal quality: The bolt on the Wallyworld display model almost wouldn't open or close. This one was a bit rough but a little use pretty well freed it up. Trigger pull is not crisp buts its acceptable. Overall quality other than sights is not too bad.

Mag Hunter 50 cal summary: Phone conversation with BPI rep got him upset when I questioned the proof stamp that states 700kp/cm2 which translates to less than 10,000 psi. I received the pat answer that others in the various forums have gotten. It will never get over 100 grains stuffed down it as I would prefer to shoot it not wear it, and remember, this is only a backup rifle. Cabelas states this gun will handle 150 grains-humm. The best can likely be blown up with carelessness. BPI also imports Traditions and Winchester from Spain. Hey, it will get you that deer, just don't bump those sights.

Rating for this CVA from BPI product: 3

Author of this review on CVA from BPI Black Powder: KaneCounty

Date: 2004-11-11

Usefulness Rating: 4.28689 out of 5.
122 reader(s) voted.

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