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Thompson Center Arms Encore 209x50 SS Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: Thompson Center Arms
Thompson Center Arms Model: Encore 209x50 SS
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder I had gotten into blackpowder hunting approx 4 years ago with the purchase of a CVA Hunterbolt Ultra Mag. I loved hunting with blackpowder but hated the chore of cleaning... with the disassembly and would take upwards of an hour with the CVA. After my first year of hunting with the CVA I thought there must be a better way. I then did some research and purchased a TC Encore 209x50 in stainless. I purchased it at my local walmart for $569.

Things I like about the Thompson Center Arms Encore 209x50 SS Black Powder: This has been my best $569 investment in my hunting gear I have spent. This gun is a dream to shoot... it is so comfortable to shoulder, can shoot a 1.5 inch grouping at 80 yard and is so easy to clean. You can also purchase additional barrels from shotgun to virtually any rifle caliber for around $200. Myself I have purchase the turkey barrel and am planning to purchase something for varmit hunting.

What I don't like about the Thompson Center Arms Encore 209x50 SS: Really there is nothing I dislike about the gun... The only thing is that when you change the barrel configuration to you normally need purchase a new forearm. This is a nominal cost ~$40.

Black Powder Encore 209x50 SS quality: What is to be said... all Thompson Center Arms products are top of the line. The Encore is surely one of the best they have produced. All one needs to do is to compare an Encore side-by-side against the other manufactures that are now coming out with copy cat products (CVA Optima, etc.).

Encore 209x50 SS summary: Before I had gotten my Encore I had was so frustrated with the clean of my old blackpowder rifle, I had almost given up the sport. I now enjoy it so much that I look forward to the upcoming blackpowder seasons more than I do the archery season. This is coming from a diehard bowhunter.

Rating for this Thompson Center Arms product: 5

Author of this review on Thompson Center Arms Black Powder: NYEncore

Date: 2004-11-13

Usefulness Rating: 4.46789 out of 5.
109 reader(s) voted.

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