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Speer 7mm 160gr Grand Slam Shooting Accessories

Shooting Accessories Manufacturer: Speer
Speer Model: 7mm 160gr Grand Slam
Review Category: Shooting Accessories

Purchase: Shooting Accessories I purchased these bullets from a local dealer. I was working up loads for my new 7mm STW for hunting, and this was one of many I tried. I paid 25.00 for a box of 50.

Things I like about the Speer 7mm 160gr Grand Slam Shooting Accessories: In my gun they are extremely accurate with a variety of differnet load combinations. No BS they will shoot 5 into less then .70 any day, and most of the time right around .50 at 3300FPS. That is center to center for five shots from a bench. I moly coated them before loading, but they were just as accurate with out moly. The BC is a little lower then I like but is in the middle.

What I don't like about the Speer 7mm 160gr Grand Slam: These are the worst bullets I have ever used period end of story. I have shot three elk with these, and the result has been the same each time. I only used them this season because I did not have my new elk rifle ready for hunting. #1- Md. 6x6 double lunged broadside at 150yds. Went 50yds and layed down, but got up twice and tried to run away. Was very sick and could not go far before falling. I shot him again in neck after second attempt to run off. Litterly a pencil hole in and out through both lungs. Could not tell entrance from exit. #2 Spike broadside at 100yds double lunged. Went down after 20yds, but I had to chase it for almost a half mile before shooting it again. It would get up and run then fall after a short distance. Again same results on the inside. #3 Spike sharp quartering angle for the first round at 175-200yds. Three more rounds broadside double lunged each time at 275yds. The last three rounds were within a six inch circle. Inside result was the same. I will not hunt with this bullet again period. I have never had this problem with Partitions, Ballistic Tips, Core Locks, Spire Points, and others.

Shooting Accessories 7mm 160gr Grand Slam quality: Obviously too well built, and act like a fMJ bullet instead of a expanding bullet.

7mm 160gr Grand Slam summary: Absolutely a terrible bullet to hunt with. All of the shots would have easily been a killing shot the first time with another bullet. No excuse period for the poor results. This was not a one time fluke thing.

Rating for this Speer product: 1

Author of this review on Speer Shooting Accessories: Ron oules

Date: 2004-11-15

Usefulness Rating: 3.44737 out of 5.
38 reader(s) voted.

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