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Magellan Meridian Gold GPS

GPS Manufacturer: Magellan
Magellan Model: Meridian Gold
Review Category: GPS

Purchase: I purchased the unit through a mail order company(Cabela's)at a cost of 250 dollars. I am a hunter from Maine and wanted a unit that acquired signals in heavy cover,and heavy canopy the garmin etrex could not.

Things I like about the Magellan Meridian Gold: The unit obtains signals very easily in heavy cover and uneven terrain. You do not have to change positions to get a fix. The unit is very easy to use, with a good size screen and the buttons are large enough and fairly easy to use with gloves on. The unit is very accurate and almost indestructible, I dropped mine from a tree stand and it survived. As well as being well built it is waterproof and it floats. I dropped mine from my shirt pocket while putting my canoe in the water with no adverse effects. Batteries can be replaced easily.

What I don't like about the Magellan Meridian Gold: My gripes with the unit is the placement of the power switch, the size or shape of unit, and no way to attach lanyard to unit directly without the case. The power switch is located on the front and it can be easily pressed while in pocket or while reaching for unit and it shuts unit off. The size is a problem as it does not fit well in shirt pocket and no way to attach a lanyard to place around neck without the case the unit cannot be operated with case on. The batteries do not operate the unit for 14 hours as the ad says but do last for about 8 hr.

Meridian Gold quality: Very well built and of high quality. It is not heavy or cumbersome to use, and it fits hand well. The plastic housing is built of a very high impact plastic and stands up well and is water proof.

Meridian Gold summary: I am very happy with the unit and would buy another over any other brand and I have used two other brands. I would like to see a different selection of colors as I would like a brighter color like yellow or orange so unit can be seen easily if dropped in poor light. I would also like a case that can be used easily while on unit and with a lanyard.

Rating for this Magellan product: 4

Author of this review on Magellan GPS: Jim Semple

Date: 2004-11-16

Usefulness Rating: 4.57143 out of 5.
7 reader(s) voted.

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