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winchester apex 209 Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: winchester
winchester Model: apex 209
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder After a recent black powder hunt on a wma in southern Gerogia with my four brothers. I discovered the apex 209!! A new and improved product of winchester. I looked this thing over and it made the old atlanta arms i was using look pre historic. After discussing this product in depth and going over every detail of this product i was sold. Seems cabelas had a bargain on this gun and a factory rebate of $50.00. I now had to have one.

Things I like about the winchester apex 209 Black Powder: Ease of operation is the key here. A ten year old boy could load this gun and operate it with ease. It's easy to clean and everthing is completly accessable.

What I don't like about the winchester apex 209: It is a bit heavy but seems to have very good balance.

Black Powder apex 209 quality: As with any winchester product this gun is a black powder dream come true. Very accurate and has the hunter and his second shot in mind all the way.

apex 209 summary: If you know someone who has this type gun in his collection i suggest you have a close looksee at what's there. Look it over close take it out load and fire it and you too will be in line for the next one available.

Rating for this winchester product: 5

Author of this review on winchester Black Powder: Jerry R

Date: 2004-11-20

Usefulness Rating: 4.71717 out of 5.
198 reader(s) voted.

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