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Fox Fire Throat Mic Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies Manufacturer: Fox Fire
Fox Fire Model: Throat Mic
Review Category: Walkie Talkies

Purchase: Walkie Talkies In November of 2004 I ordered two Fox Fire Throat Mics to use while hunting. I bought them through Cabela's web site for $29.99 each.

Things I like about the Fox Fire Throat Mic Walkie Talkies: The feature I liked was a detactible push-to-talk button on a separate long cord. You can run it down your sleave and attach it to your wrist with the included strap. Also, the earbud was very comfortable since it was made of soft rubber.

What I don't like about the Fox Fire Throat Mic: I did not like the fact that the throat mic didn't work as advertised. While it picked up sound when placed on your throat, you couldn't understand what was being said. We tried different placements of the mic and even pressed it hard against our throats and still could not get a clear transmission. It worked OK if you held it to the corner of your mouth on your cheek, it it wasn't made to be there and was very uncomfortable and still wasn't as clear as a normal boom mic.

Walkie Talkies Throat Mic quality: The construction and quality of the unit was good. They seem pretty sturdy and well made.

Throat Mic summary: If you are thinking of buying this item, consider a normal boom mic instead. They are cheaper and clearer. I'm returning the two throat mics I bought and getting something else. While you will look cool wearing one, like a SWAT Team member, no one will understand what you are saying if you use it.

Rating for this Fox Fire product: 1

Author of this review on Fox Fire Walkie Talkies: Scorpman

Date: 2004-11-20

Usefulness Rating: 3.21176 out of 5.
170 reader(s) voted.

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