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Connecticut Valley Arms Kodiak .50 Cal muzzleloading rifle Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: Connecticut Valley Arms
Connecticut Valley Arms Model: Kodiak .50 Cal muzzleloading rifle
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder I purchased the rifle new at Scheel's All Sports. I chose this rifle because it provided easy access to the breech plug without being a "break-open" design, and because the 28" barrel length makes a lot of sense to me, even though I don't do "magnum" loads. I paid $230 for it.

Things I like about the Connecticut Valley Arms Kodiak .50 Cal muzzleloading rifle Black Powder: I like this rifle because of its simplicity. It takes down in very little time and bolts back together just as quickly, leaving no doubt that it won't fly apart when it is shot next. I appreciate the ease of access to the primer; without gloves at least, it is a simple matter to cap. De-capping is easy too, you just swivel the trigger and hammer assembly out of the way and point he muzzle skyward. A capper could be handy with gloves on...I also like the ergonomics of the stock and forend. I was a little dubious about owning any kind of synthetic weapon, but this is not "plastic." It is a very solid material that begs for abuse and is molded with little bumps and bulges in all the right places, like the cheek comb.

What I don't like about the Connecticut Valley Arms Kodiak .50 Cal muzzleloading rifle: If you are going to design and market a quality firearm for use on North America's bigger game (like deer) and claim to have the killing power necessary to take said game from distances up to (and possibly exceeding) a hundred yards, and if you are going to also design and market a revolutionary projectile that makes similar claims (powerbelt bullets,) then by God you better put some decent, if not outstanding, sights on that firearm! I am sorry to report that CVA has failed miserably in this regard. They are indeed fiber-optic sights that do a great job of illuminating in your average woody dusk/dawn situation, and I am by no means an afficianado (this is the only rifle I've ever owned,) but the sights that come attatched to your new CVA Kodiak are, first of all, some sort of pliable plastic, and second of all each (front and rear) are attatched by a SINGLE screw, left to wobble and swivel about with every bump of the road or the brush. I am exaggerating but I am also quite often distracted and distressed that my recent trip to the range to sight my rifle in was an excersize in futility. The adjustments in windage and elevation are made via the rear sight...which involves setscrews for each adjustment. Inasmuch as the sight is entirely made of plastic, one must be careful not to overtighten either screw, lest they sink deep into what they are holding and cause the adjustment to "self center." All that being said, I just shot a running 120 lb doe from 30 yards away about 2 hours ago and I am pleased to say that the Kodiak, 100 grains (2 50g pellets) of Hornady 777, and a 295 grain Powerbelt hollow point did a wonderful job of sending her somersaulting to a quick and painless death.

Black Powder Kodiak .50 Cal muzzleloading rifle quality: I covered construction as well as this review needs above, but I should add that the ramrod may leave a little to be desired for some shooters. Mine does just fine for has a threaded self-contained extension that you screw out to run patches, and so far using Powerbelts and Cheap shot sabots I have had no problem seating pellets and bullets, and cleaning the gun. I cannot comment on the trigger because this is the only one I've ever been exposed to, but from what I can tell it's quite decent. Lighter than I expected, no creep. Very crisp, actually. I guess I can comment. Squeeze it rifle-style and it will give you no problems, at least not mine.

Kodiak .50 Cal muzzleloading rifle summary: This rifle, with the exception of the lousy sights, has exceeded my expectations on the range (fun to shoot!) and in the field (meat in the freezer!) It is easy on the eyes but not a jewel that you're afraid to cross a fence with. There aren't any bells and whistles that you have to think about using when you see your shot coming Kodiak melts into my arms and punches .50 caliber holes without nary a thought to shouldering, aiming, and firing.

Rating for this Connecticut Valley Arms product: 4

Author of this review on Connecticut Valley Arms Black Powder: Tim Tyler II

Date: 2004-11-21

Usefulness Rating: 4.11798 out of 5.
178 reader(s) voted.

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