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Muzzy BroadHeads 125 grain Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: Muzzy BroadHeads 125 grain
Muzzy BroadHeads 125 grain Model:
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Broadheads Aquired from Sports Authority here in Virginia at $29.99 for 6 pack

Things I like about the Muzzy BroadHeads 125 grain Broadheads: Just Awesome!! I am a first time bowhunter after years of shotgun hunting and some rifle, so you can imagine when I took my first buck (170 lb. 6 pt) while still hunting on the ground in a home-made ghillie suit and 10 gallons of spray-on earth scent!!....This was a first time shot on a live target at 6:45am with barely enough light to make him out at 35 yards, and my heart beating so hard I thought I'd pass out after the arrow flew. I have to say here, that given all conditions and considerations of my skill level, this broadhead was outstanding and true, just dead on. The shot was a perfect heart placement and i have never seen a deer drop so fast within 40 yards or so from where he took the impact. I really believe this one was God directed, but I have to say that the broadhead did it's work perfectly!! I have heard all kinds of things about expandables and every other broadhead out there. I wouldn't use any of them after I saw what this one did and considering my skill level. Thanks Muzzy! made my first time early open archery season the BEST.

What I don't like about the Muzzy BroadHeads 125 grain : Absolutely nothing. Buy alot of them!!

Broadheads quality: excellent and perfect flight with maximum impact achieved out of a 60 lb bow at 35 yards from the ground!!

summary: Muzzy 125 grain broadheads are well worth the investment. I will shoot no others after what I saw them do at 35 yards in terrible lighting and given my skill level!!! AWESOME broadhead.

Rating for this Muzzy BroadHeads 125 grain product: 5

Author of this review on Muzzy BroadHeads 125 grain Broadheads: Walt Stone

Date: 2004-11-29

Usefulness Rating: 4.41176 out of 5.
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