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Hummingbird Matrix 65 GPS Chartplotter Fishing System Fish Finders

Fish Finders Manufacturer: Hummingbird
Hummingbird Model: Matrix 65 GPS Chartplotter Fishing System
Review Category: Fish Finders

Purchase: Fish Finders I just ran across the new site and decided to give my two cents. My Brother and I share a boat and decided to go in half each on the unit. We paid near $550 plus a few extra accessories he just had to have for it. Great investment.

Things I like about the Hummingbird Matrix 65 GPS Chartplotter Fishing System Fish Finders: The unit is awesome, neither of us get enough time on the water so we figured we my as well make the best of it and this helps a lot. I don't know where to begin here. First it has a built in GPS that not only gets us back safely, but gets us back to last weeks spot which is important. Too many times the bank line looks alike and that hot spot last week was actually 20 boat lengths ahead. The GPS allows us to find last weeks hot spot exactly. The unit also offers what I'll call a simple, or deluxe menu. Some days you just don't have time to scroll through the menu especially if their hitting so you use the simple menu, other days you have too much time so you would use the expanded menu. It's a great concept especially for people like me who just want the basics. This unit actually sees to your left and right not just in front of the boat. This is the Mercedes of fish finders. I could go on and on for days, so I'll just stop here.

What I don't like about the Hummingbird Matrix 65 GPS Chartplotter Fishing System: No real complaints. Well, maybe one, I wish I knew more about the GPS functions when I first got it. I'm an expert now. The GPS thing is all new to me and I guess a lot others. I picked it up fairly quickly.

Fish Finders Matrix 65 GPS Chartplotter Fishing System quality: We keep it pretty well protected from the elements. Everything feels solid and well made.

Matrix 65 GPS Chartplotter Fishing System summary: I tell it like I see it and am tough on anything I buy, you have to be that way. This is something I give my full endorsement to, that goes for my Brother as well. I ran across them at Bass Pro Shops the other day and now they even have a rebate on them. Definitely worth every penny. See if your fishing partner will go halfsies on it like we did. He'll thank you all the way to the net,LOL.

Rating for this Hummingbird product: 5

Author of this review on Hummingbird Fish Finders: Rich Purvitz

Date: 2003-09-19

Usefulness Rating: 3.36806 out of 5.
432 reader(s) voted.

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