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TreeLounge Treelounge Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: TreeLounge
TreeLounge Model: Treelounge
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands Bought both my TreeLounges through the manufacturer. The latest, purchased just recently, cost $199.95 NOT including add-ons and shipping.

Things I like about the TreeLounge Treelounge Tree Stands: Safety, comfort and 'relative' ease of use. I have used a Treelounge for over six years and it is my preferred stand. (I have a number of lock-ons.) Transportability is a plus too. It folds into a tight, compact package which is backpacked to the hunting site. Set up, after a time, becomes fairly quick and routine. Climbing is a safe and comfortable process. Time spent in the TreeLounge is, to be certain, comfortable in the extreme. Hunting with either gun or bow is greatly enhanced with available gun or bow holders while other equipment is readily at hand. Eating, drinking and performing 'other' bodily functions easily while comfortably in the stand enables me to stay put up in my tree for an entire day of hunting (10 or 11 hours has been done many times) without discomfort or fatigue. Hunting high (I mean as in elevation) is a valued ability as well as the ability to easily change my position around the tree should I wish to. The ability to adjust the angle of the stand while in the tree using the add-on Leveler back brace is invaluable indeed. It should be pointed out that both my TreeLounges are of the 'old' style...not the discontinued lighter weight version. I understand there were/are some problems with them and the Levelers.

What I don't like about the TreeLounge Treelounge: Weight! All the advantages of the TreeLounge come at a cost, and it would appear the taxman of the TreeLounge is weight. Even though, as mentioned, the Treelounge folds down into a tight, solid, backpackable package, that package with bells and whistles makes the user work, at least in the beginning. After years of backpacking this stand, it doesn't nearly seem as heavy as when I first started using it. Nonetheless, it is heavy. Generally, I leave the stand at the hunting site from hunt to hunt, unless I know I will be hunting somewhere else next time out. Additionally, if a Leveler is used and the user is not attentive, climbing, either up or down, can produce noise. But, if caution is used, noise is avoidable.

Tree Stands Treelounge quality: Solid design, construction and durability are intrinsic in the TreeLounge, all of which account for the stand's safety and comfort. And as has been pointed out by others, it is hard to imagine someone falling out of this stand.

Treelounge summary: All things considered, I feel the good points of this stand far outweigh the bad points. What is important to me, the ability to stay in my stand safely and comfortably for long periods of time in good or adverse weather, to get up 20, 30 or more feet in elevation and to have a solid piece of hardware I have confidence in are worth the cost in both dollars and carrying weight. People have different values regards different things. I can certainly see how this particular stand may not appeal to everyone. But for me....well, I do have two.

Rating for this TreeLounge product: 5

Author of this review on TreeLounge Tree Stands: Mark

Date: 2004-12-08

Usefulness Rating: 4.5614 out of 5.
57 reader(s) voted.

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