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Garmin eTrex Legend GPS

GPS Manufacturer: Garmin
Garmin Model: eTrex Legend
Review Category: GPS

Purchase: GPS Receive the unit as a Christmas gift last year. Purchased from Cabela's at, I believe, about $200+.

Things I like about the Garmin eTrex Legend GPS: Quite alot! This little GPS does alot for me while being easily handled. In fact, its many good points would make a truly comprehensive revaluation rather lengthy. However, I like very much its design for one hand operation. However, it is designed for left hand operation, therefore, making it a bit less convenient when carrying a bow. What I do find extremely useful is the ability to upload data such as Tracks, Routes and Waypoints to a topographical map program purchased from National Geographic. Likewise, this GPS also enables me to download into the GPS Routes, Waypoints etc., that I create with the topos program. Thusly, I am able to pre-select points of interest and create routes to arrive at those locations by studying topos of a potential hunting area and downloading created data into the GPS. Again, such is an invaluable feature.

What I don't like about the Garmin eTrex Legend: Unfortunately, as pointed out by others here, this GPS is a battery's worst nightmare. It eats them up like Homer Simpson at a county fair pig roast. Since I have been though this problem before with digital cameras, I have enough rechargeable batteries that I don't break the bank having to buy replacement batteries every time I spend a day in the woods. Of course, rechargeable batteries do not have the same operation time as single use batteries. But, then again, they are easily recharged. As also pointed out in another review, the GPS fails to give heading if the user is not moving. It will, of course, give position, but not heading. Again, as that previous reviewer recommended, keep your compass (and I might add, topo map) as part of your outdoor gear. It would be sadly unfortunate to be deep in an unfamiliar area with just the GPS and then have the batteries go south. Lastly, the display is a bit small, that is intrinsic in using a small, portable device. So when using the 'Map Screen' one has to zoom in or out as suits one's particular sense of relativity. I prefer using the Garmin carrying case with belt clip as opposed to the provided lanyard. But, again, as pointed out by a previous reviewer, the carrying case tends to restrict the display even more.

GPS eTrex Legend quality: This device seems to be solidly built and is undeniably compact. Garmin claims it will float. I haven't tested that claim as yet. But I am sure I will drop it sooner or later when up to my waist in a trout stream.

eTrex Legend summary: As noted, the many abilities of the Garmin eTrex Legend are too many to cover all. But this product does one very good job of telling me where I am, where I've been and how to get to where I want to go. I can still find my way around in the woods alright without it, but this little device just makes things all that more easy and clear.

Rating for this Garmin product: 4

Author of this review on Garmin GPS: Mark

Date: 2004-12-10

Usefulness Rating: 3.02222 out of 5.
45 reader(s) voted.

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