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Garmin Talking Street Pilot GPS

GPS Manufacturer: Garmin
Garmin Model: Talking Street Pilot
Review Category: GPS

Purchase: GPS This is real outdoor related, but I haven't had any recent purchases outdoor related. I see you have a GPS review area and that I have. It's called Street Pilot. I'm actually at this site today researching GPS for the outdoors in particular hunting. I paid about $780 for this. It all happened on a recent trip to Baltimore. I was staying what was supposed to be four blocks from the facility I needed to attend meetings at. Four blocks in Baltimore is like 10 miles everywhere else, especially considering some of the "bad" neighborhoods I had to go through. I arrived on a Sunday night and decided to take a dry run to where I needed to be at 0700hrs. the next day, not only couldn't I find it, but got so lost I couldn't find my way back. I ended up in the heart of one of Baltimores "bad" neighborhoods complete with Gangs and all. I felt like I was in the movie colors. At some point during my adventure I said to hell with this and when I did find my way back I jumped on my laptop and bought a GPS. Never again will I be in that situation. It's a lot of money, but after going through some neighborhoods people sometimes don't come out of it's worth every penny. Second best investment next to my Baby Glock, which coincedentally wasn't with me for the trip.

Things I like about the Garmin Talking Street Pilot GPS: The best feature is the device speaks to you and tells you when to turn. If you've ever tried reading directions, or a map while driving you know what I'm talking about. No more missing turns while looking a the map. It even tells you how far you have to go and when you're off course. I'm horrible at directions. The best of the best part is it's complety portable and hooks up quickly to a rental car.

What I don't like about the Garmin Talking Street Pilot: The only thing I don't like is the possibility of it being stolen when left on the dash. I wish they could make it a little more discrete, or put make a setup for under the dash. More than once now I've shoved it in my case rather than leave it on display in the car.

GPS Talking Street Pilot quality: Garmin has been around for a long time. In fact I will probably end up buying one of their models for my hunting GPS.

Talking Street Pilot summary: It's a lot fo money, but compared to all of the frustration I've gone through in the past with the hassles of a new city the Garmin is worth every penny. If you buy another brand make sure to get a model that talks to you. The talking feature is excellent. I picked this one up at on the net of all places the Outdoor Super Store. Back to my reseach, I know this isn't a hunting and fishing unit, but hope this review helped someone.

Rating for this Garmin product: 5

Author of this review on Garmin GPS: Thomas Silverman

Date: 2003-09-19

Usefulness Rating: 3.06667 out of 5.
210 reader(s) voted.

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