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Summit SwifTree Climbing Stick Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Summit
Summit Model: SwifTree Climbing Stick
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands Was introduced to the Climbing Stick by a friend. Purchased my own at Kittery Trading Post in Kittery, ME for $49 while on sale.

Things I like about the Summit SwifTree Climbing Stick Tree Stands: I like the fact that, once installed, I have a stable, quick and secure method for climbing into my fixed tree stands. Installation is a simple matter of tying three ropes around the tree while climbing up the stick (using a safety climbing harness of course.) I also like having my foot 'captured' into each stirrup step while climbing up into my stand. Since this climbing stick reaches 17 feet, I get my stands up to an adequate hunting height in most situations.

What I don't like about the Summit SwifTree Climbing Stick: Portability. Although the Climbing Stick breaks down to three sections that are easily lashed together using the three ropes used to secure the stick to a tree, one ends up with a package over 5 1/2 feet long. The package weighs about 17lbs and can either be carried on one's shoulder or carried suitcase-like using one of the steps as a handle. It can get a bit cumbersome busting through moderate to heavy cover with a tree stand on one's back, bow or rifle in one hand and the climbing stick in the other. Also, in contrast to climbing up, climbing down one needs to take care to make sure one's foot in INSIDE the stirrup step. Since the top of the stirrup step angles downward, one readily knows he is not in the step. However, that angled part of the step will also force the user's foot off and away from the step if the user comes down on top of the step and not 'into' the step before shifting weight onto the step. In other words, the user has to make sure to put his foot into the step when climbing down. An extention is available to further increase the height one can attend using this product. But the cost of that single extention seems disportionate in relation to the cost of the Climbing Stick itself, and of course, using such adds weight portability effort.

Tree Stands SwifTree Climbing Stick quality: The Climbing stick seems durable enough. It is made of steel with three interconnecting sections when connected reach 17 ft. The enclosed stirruped steps are made of lighter steel welded to the main vertical shafts. The lowest section has a piece welded to its bottom to reduce the amount the Climbing Stick will sink into the ground when weight is initially applied when installing.

SwifTree Climbing Stick summary: For the cost (retailing in some places from $50-$60) it is not an overly expensive product. It is solid and, in my opinion, pretty safe. Of course, leaving it out for extended periods of time is an issue. Since it is so inexpensive, theft is not the foremost issue, nor is weather a concern. It is simply one cannot know if it is being used safely or not by anyone who might come across it and decide to give it a go. So, hauling it in and hauling it out during extend periods of non-use might be a consideration for some. For me, I wouldn't care to come across another hunter some morning who had used my stand unsafely and subsequently be in need of emergency help...or worse. But, as regards the SwifTree Climbing Stick itself, its worth the money and, to a point, worth the effort.

Rating for this Summit product: 4

Author of this review on Summit Tree Stands: Mark

Date: 2004-12-16

Usefulness Rating: 4 out of 5.
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