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savage 10 ML-II Hunting Knives

Hunting Knives Manufacturer: savage
savage Model: 10 ML-II
Review Category: Hunting Knives

Purchase: Hunting Knives I bought this from natchez shooters supply, mostly because they carried it, few others did. I believe that I paid $420 for the muzzleloader.

Things I like about the savage 10 ML-II Hunting Knives: This muzzleloader uses black powder, pyrodex, triple 7, AND it also uses smokeless powder. This rifle is safe for all of the above propellents. This rifle has the accutrigger in it, that is very nice and very safe. Maintenance free, shoot it, clean it a month later, try that with another muzzleloader ( one must clean it right away if NOT using smokeless powder ).

What I don't like about the savage 10 ML-II: This unit has to have the bedding (action) screw removed/loosened to remove the breech plug for cleaning. This is a design flaw, they should have retained the bolt some other way, OR, added a 3 pillar in the bedding of the receiver. I had a gunsmith put the 3rd pillar in for me. In this manner, I can now take the breech plug out without changing the point of impact of my rifle. Previously, by removing the bolt, it was a crap shoot to see where the POI would end up after reseating the receiver in the synthetic stock.

Hunting Knives 10 ML-II quality: stainless steel action/barrel, sythetic stock. stock is alittle cheap, the stainless is a shiny stainless, a matte finish would be nicer.

10 ML-II summary: This is the best available muzzleloader available in the world, with the 3rd pillar, it might be the best in the universe !

Rating for this savage product: 5

Author of this review on savage Hunting Knives: bubba

Date: 2004-12-18

Usefulness Rating: 3.22989 out of 5.
87 reader(s) voted.

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