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Cabela's Warrior Waders & Boots

Waders & Boots Manufacturer: Cabela's
Cabela's Model: Warrior
Review Category: Waders & Boots

Purchase: $199.95 at Cabela's about two months ago.

Things I like about the Cabela's Warrior : This is what I've been wearing for the training of my new pup. To date their doing a good job. I especially like the pocket on the front for holding just about anything. It also has shell loops in the pocket that are handy when the shooting starts. My last pair didn't have the pocket and I find it to be an added feature. The reinforced seems look like they will stand up to a lot.

What I don't like about the Cabela's Warrior : Not real impressed with the suspender straps. I have a hard time adjusting them depending on what or how much clothing I have said day.

Warrior quality: Their holding up well. The literature I read on them said they were designed for all season, sort of like an enduro. I wouldn't wear them on the coldest or warmest days, jsut the in-between.

Warrior summary: Their great for training this time of year. If the occasion arises I will need to be out on a very cold day, I'll probably quickly order a thicker pair. Great for all season wear. Wish me luck on the pup.

Rating for this Cabela's product: 3

Author of this review on Cabela's Waders & Boots: Craig S. North Carolina

Date: 2003-09-23

Usefulness Rating: 4 out of 5.
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