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Penn's Woods Digital-Scout Trail Cameras (m-s)

Trail Cameras (m-s) Manufacturer: Penn's Woods
Penn's Woods Model: Digital-Scout
Review Category: Trail Cameras (m-s)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (m-s) I bought this unit through Cabela's for $599.99. I had used a 35mm game camera prior to this purchase which had gave me some nice pictures but I hated to wait for a roll of film to be used up to see what was roaming my woods.

Things I like about the Penn's Woods Digital-Scout Trail Cameras (m-s): Takes great day pictures. People who have seen my pictures have commented that the deer look "fake". The unit is very easy to operate. I've never had to change the main batteries (4-C cells) since I bought it about 3 months ago. The 2 AA batteries that run the camera are rechargeable and I have two sets. One set in the camera and one set charging. The pictures download into my computer where I can zoom in and/or print.

What I don't like about the Penn's Woods Digital-Scout: The unit came with only a 16mb memory card. I bought two 1gb card which where another $300. Probably 70% of the night pictures are out of focus to some degree. When the tempature is above 40 degrees the camera will take a lot of false pictures. It's common to have 600 pictures in a 24 hour period. Of those there may be 50 to 75 of animals. After spending that amount of money on this unit there is only a 60 day warranty which has run out. Who wants to send in a brand new camera right when you need to use it the most?

Trail Cameras (m-s) Digital-Scout quality: From what I can tell the the quality is very good except for it taking excessive amount of false pictures. The case seals tight and parts can be replaced if they are damaged or wear out.

Digital-Scout summary: The 60 day warranty is not long enough for the cost of the item and the memory card that comes with the camera is not big enough. (I had approximately 150 deer pictures in the last 24 hours) When this camera is compared to my other two cameras, this camera is the easiest to use and more cost efficient in the long run. I have got some great pictures from it. If Penn's Woods will repair this camera, I will buy another camera from them.

Rating for this Penn's Woods product: 4

Author of this review on Penn's Woods Trail Cameras (m-s): Randy

Date: 2004-12-24

Usefulness Rating: 3.2585 out of 5.
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