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read head rh98800hdg snake boot Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots Manufacturer: read head
read head Model: rh98800hdg snake boot
Review Category: Hunting Boots

Purchase: Hunting Boots i bought the snake boots through bass pro shop online and paid 99.88 for them on 8/23/03 there over a year old .

Things I like about the read head rh98800hdg snake boot Hunting Boots: well when o bought the boots i liked the price compared to rockys and they were snake boots ,waterproof and looked nice...when i received them they also fit nice...

What I don't like about the read head rh98800hdg snake boot: well i wear them 4 times the first season and it was dry i live in florida and dont hunt in much water ... this year it was wet out there and the first time i steped in water my feet got soaked and i was mad .. these boots were supposed to be waterproof they advertise that 100% waterproof

Hunting Boots rh98800hdg snake boot quality: the boots seem to be made well for snake boots 16 inch high ,the cortex linning and such,

rh98800hdg snake boot summary: well i wont buy read head again if there not waterproof like they say then they might not be snakproof either... buy rockys they are what they say and if your like me and dont hunt all the time then you wont find out whats wrong with the boot till the warranty run out.....

Rating for this read head product: 1

Author of this review on read head Hunting Boots: don

Date: 2004-12-24

Usefulness Rating: 3.0211 out of 5.
237 reader(s) voted.

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