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Bushnell H2O (Bushnell # 15-0842) 8x42mm Binoculars

Binoculars Manufacturer: Bushnell
Bushnell Model: H2O (Bushnell # 15-0842) 8x42mm
Review Category: Binoculars

Purchase: Binoculars After reading numerous reviews from various online sources, I determined that the features of this set of binoculars best suited my hunting needs. I searched the internet and found the best price ($79.99) at I've used a variety of Bushnell optics for many years and have found their products to be an excellent value for my dollar.

Things I like about the Bushnell H2O (Bushnell # 15-0842) 8x42mm Binoculars: Features I like: ~non-slip rubber armoring: to protect the unit from a case of "dropitis" while in the woods ~fog/water proofing: for complete protection when Mr. Murphy pushes me off that log while crossing a stream or in case I don't know enough to come in out of the rain (just ask my wife about that one) ~roof prism: for a sharper image; this comes in handy when hunting for the "biggest rack" ~42mm lens: for much better light gathering in those darker environments (works great at those Broadway plays that my wife drags me to; reference "roof prism" notation above) ~size: this unit is less "bulky" than my old 7x35 binoculars, which is important when packing or when you pull up your weapon to shoot that "once-in-a-lifetime-trophy" ~weight: this unit looks heavy, but you can carry them comfortably all day long (I've done it)

What I don't like about the Bushnell H2O (Bushnell # 15-0842) 8x42mm: Color: Black. I would have preferred the camo version, but it was way too pricey.

Binoculars H2O (Bushnell # 15-0842) 8x42mm quality: When you wrap your hands around a set of these binoculars, you know have grabbed a solid, quality piece of equipment. They just have a very comfortable feel to them, and when you put them to your eyes the transition is very smooth, the picture is clear, and you can look for long periods without getting a "charl-eye-horse". This unit is solid, compact, and very "easy on the eyes".

H2O (Bushnell # 15-0842) 8x42mm summary: If you want a set of binoculars that can perform well in any environment, as well as look good, then the Bushnell H2O binocular is for you. I've taken mine hunting in all weather conditions, to Nascar races, on patrol as a Law Officer, to Broadway plays, and music concerts. They've been bumped, thumped, frozen, and dunked, yet they perform well no matter what environment I subject them to, plus they look good on me whether I'm wearing my hunting camoflage or my "Sunday-go-to-Meeting" best. If you're a real man, you'll get a set for yourself, AND earn some "brownie points" by buying an extra set for your wife. Trust me!

Rating for this Bushnell product: 5

Author of this review on Bushnell Binoculars: Ruger Dan

Date: 2005-01-01

Usefulness Rating: 3.10387 out of 5.
491 reader(s) voted.

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