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Trophy Taker Shakey Hunter Drop-Away Rest Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment Manufacturer: Trophy Taker
Trophy Taker Model: Shakey Hunter Drop-Away Rest
Review Category: Archery Equipment

Purchase: Archery Equipment I was having some major problems with my current "prong style" arrow rest with fletch. The veins where rubbing so bad they looked like they where chewd up by a dog! I had my local "bow smith" look at my bow and said this was a fairly common problem with my current rest. Also my arrows fell off my rest often(my fault). He suggested that i try out a trophy taker shakey hunter drop away rest. I thought"What the heck" and bought one for 40$ used. This rest was the most important piece of equipment i have purchased in 7 years of bow hunting.

Things I like about the Trophy Taker Shakey Hunter Drop-Away Rest Archery Equipment: The trophy Taker Arrow rest was amazing. I shot my 3rd "robin Hood" in my second 3 shot group. The term "shakey hunter" meens it has a wider launch pad than the original, a good thing for me. its a little loud at first, but when you put on fleece its as quiet as a whisper. What i also like is the bulletproof simple style.

What I don't like about the Trophy Taker Shakey Hunter Drop-Away Rest: It get kinda expensive when you have to buy all the new arrows, nocks and veins.

Archery Equipment Shakey Hunter Drop-Away Rest quality: This is a very simple, indestructable piece of archery equipment. You can not go wrong with this rest, its litteraly "fool-proof".

Shakey Hunter Drop-Away Rest summary: I think this rest disign will be used till the end of time, nothing will be better. The accuracy of this is much better than any "prong style" rest in the industry. This rest will give you the confidence you need to take any game animal on earth. 5 big stars for Trophy Taker. ps. try there sights, too.

Rating for this Trophy Taker product: 5

Author of this review on Trophy Taker Archery Equipment: Jimbo

Date: 2005-01-07

Usefulness Rating: 4.94444 out of 5.
612 reader(s) voted.

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