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GRIM REAPER MECHANICAL 100/125 G. Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: GRIM REAPER
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Broadheads After shooting several differnt types of mechanical broadheads in 2003- 2004, I came to the conclusion that I was not completely happy with any of them, they all seemed to have a glitch that just was'nt right. I had been shooting the NAP Spitfire, The Sidewinder Rocket, The NAP Shockwave, and several others. I was talking with Dave at EZ Livin Sports Center in May of 2004, and he was telling me about the Grim Reaper Mechanical, and said that I should try this broadhead. He sent me a pack of Three and after shooting them 3-5 times I was convinced, this was the broadhead for me. First of all my Mathews LX bow tuned very easy to this head, and my groups immediately became very small, I was amazed. The Grim Reaper is a very tough and durable broadhead, I have shot one head into my Yellow Jacket target at least 50-100 times and it is still intact and working fine. The other broadheads I had been using would tear up after shooting them 5-10 times, into the same Yellow Jacket target. It was very evident that this is one tough head and after a year of deer hunting with it I am convinced it is the Best Mechanical on the market. I was able to take 3 deer using this head. A pack of three cost approximately $25.00 - $30.00 depending on where you buy them. Nothing against foreign products, but this Made In the USA Broadhead is one piece of equipment I want hunt without.

Things I like about the GRIM REAPER MECHANICAL 100/125 G. Broadheads: The Grim Reaper Mechanical has a lot to like about it. First of all it has a cutting diamater of 1-3/8" when the blades are fully open, this is a very ample cutting area. The head does not require any rubber bands or 0-rings, which is a real plus. The head has Three leading bleeder blade that cut in front of the cutting blades, which opens up a channel for the head to do it's job. The main blades are set back from the Trocrazor head about 1/2" which allows the bleeder blades and head to penetrate before the blades open. One of the deer I took was a doe using the Grim Reaper, and it was awesome at the gap it opened,the shot was a quartering shot, going through the front right shoulder and doing a complete pass through, at an angle exiting through the left hind quarter, with the Axis arrow sticking in the ground after taking out all that bone. I took some pictures in the field of this event and some of my fellow hunters could hardly believe the arrow did all of that and still stuck in the ground. I can truthfully say I owe Dave one at EZ Livin Sport Center for his suggestion to use this head. In my opinion the Grim Reaper is the best of the best.

What I don't like about the GRIM REAPER MECHANICAL 100/125 G. : I can't find anything to dislike about the Grim Reaper. Everything I have seen from this head has been very positive.

Broadheads MECHANICAL 100/125 G. quality: The Grim Reaper is the best constructed Mechanical Broadhead I have ever used. The folks that put this head together did their home work. It is easy to change the blades if you find that this necessary. It has a spring that retains the blades, the spring keeps the blades closed until impact. This spring also keeps from having to use rubber bands or 0-rings, which is a real plus, especially if you are trying to change out a broadhead in the dark. The Grim Reaper is quality constucted throughout. I have found that you can shot this head time after time and it does not tear up, likes some that I have used.

MECHANICAL 100/125 G. summary: If you want a Mechanical Broadhead that will do the job when you need it to, the Grim Reaper Mechanical is the one to use. Quality always stands out, long after the hunt is over, and when you are staring down at a shot of a lifetime, I personally would not trust any broadhead expect the Grim Reaper. I have used it to take several Whitetail deer and it has performed, with flying colors every time.

Rating for this GRIM REAPER product: 5

Author of this review on GRIM REAPER Broadheads: Charles Putnam

Date: 2005-01-07

Usefulness Rating: 4.69507 out of 5.
223 reader(s) voted.

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