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ABU Garcia Ambassador 5000 Bass Fishing Reels

Bass Fishing Reels Manufacturer: ABU Garcia
ABU Garcia Model: Ambassador 5000
Review Category: Bass Fishing Reels

Purchase: Bass Fishing Reels I am an East Texas southpaw and have been using Garcia baitcasters for as long as I can recall, once I learned that these reels are ideal for left handers because the left thumb casts and controls the speed and traction of the cast-line drag. Once I realized by setting the on-reel drag by weight of tackle, then warming up until able to really let it fly [thus saving many hours of downtime picking out a costly birds nest and expensively high quality fishing line], and let it fly I did: the shear power of this reel is amazing. I've been known to drop a lure in the same spot cast after cast and cast farther than I could throw a baseball. And once a big mouth bass was caught it had no room for struggle; the weaving reel pattern and constant tug of the reel showed Me and big-mouth who was boss. I've tried other products and now their are no other products-----I am sold. Well worth the 75 dollars I had spent in reluctance, soon I knew that it was money well spent. I still have my first reel and keep coming back for more because I know that one day I will simply hand the long-lasters down to My grandchildren and them to theres. I have never kept a bass but there are hundreds of East Texas bigmouths [bass] that have felt the wrath of My Garcia. Thank You. Darin Basser

Things I like about the ABU Garcia Ambassador 5000 Bass Fishing Reels: above

What I don't like about the ABU Garcia Ambassador 5000: I have never found a flaw--------sorry....

Bass Fishing Reels Ambassador 5000 quality: All of this product line has proved to be more productive and durable than expected. Most tackle is "just strong enough"; however it has been my experience that this product is made stronger to let the user feel stronger. Besides being light weight for all day gaming it also has a nice clean-up quality. My reels and poles look brand new and I have had them for years and years. And My reel is made in exact proportion to My hand as well as My sons, until it grew and up to its growth to southpaw man size, at first I was skeptical as to its fragilty but once I saw this product go through a few hard knocks, I once accidently cast My rod and reel and hook, line and sinker all the way accross the lake [My hand was wet] and later that summer when the water level went back down to summer-Texas-sweltering, I re-caught the entire rig bottom fishing for channel catfish and blues---and she cleaned right back up after sitting down in the murkiness for at least three months. Maybe longer for I had written it off as a lose. I could go on and on with tales-------like the time I caught 17 straight stripers at lake Whitney before the school went by, I always keep five rigs ready to go and My buddy feed Me the poles and by the time I got back to the fourth or fifth pole he had it defished, the striper safely released, and ready to cast. I always catch with My Garcia.

Ambassador 5000 summary: I can find no fault in this product, perhaps you could put and air bubble or seal out the inside so it floats longer the next time I get slippery hands, but you may already. I have seldom had to worry about the production of My rig---that has fallen solely upon My shoulders.

Rating for this ABU Garcia product: 5

Author of this review on ABU Garcia Bass Fishing Reels: Darin Basser

Date: 2005-01-10

Usefulness Rating: 4.64444 out of 5.
45 reader(s) voted.

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