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Panther Martin Spinner Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle Manufacturer: Panther Martin
Panther Martin Model: Spinner
Review Category: Fishing Tackle

Purchase: Fishing Tackle I buy these at my local Gart Sports in missoula montana. The cost ranges from 1.29 to 3.89 per lure.

Things I like about the Panther Martin Spinner Fishing Tackle: I have been using Panther Martins since i was a kid. You can use the 1/32 ounce model for sunfish, or the 3/4 ouncer for 20-plus pound pike. I have kept a log of all my fishing trips since i was 15, (I am now 38) and have only been skunked 4 times in the past 23 years using this lure! I live right next to the Clark Fork river and i have tried mepps, thomas, rooster tails, rapalas, ect. and the panther martin by far catches more fish any day. And i also gotta say, there are more colors and patterns to keep track of.

What I don't like about the Panther Martin Spinner: Honestly, in over 30 years of fishing using this lure all i can say is it can get a little fusturating trying to get them out of the box.

Fishing Tackle Spinner quality: About 16 years ago, I loged over 62 pike, 20 over 15 pounds caught in 4 days on the same lure. Need i say more?

Spinner summary: I will be using this lure till the last fish i catch. This lure design is the most innovative, best overall lure money could buy. I think panther martin should make a garuntee, if you dont catch fish in 3 different trips, we buy em' back. You will never regret buying one of these, ever.

Rating for this Panther Martin product: 5

Author of this review on Panther Martin Fishing Tackle: Mr.Makey

Date: 2005-01-10

Usefulness Rating: 3.21296 out of 5.
108 reader(s) voted.

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