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Rocky Super Brute Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots Manufacturer: Rocky
Rocky Model: Super Brute
Review Category: Hunting Boots

Purchase: Hunting Boots Now these are great boots, if you're looking to buy stop here. Bought them I'm guessing three years ago and love them to this day. I like them so much I bought a pair for everyday wear as well. I'm a Contractor so I'm always on my feet. Their light, supportive and comfortable.

Things I like about the Rocky Super Brute Hunting Boots: Their holding up very well. What I like best is they are very light and my feet ache half as much as they do with some other brands I've tried. I bought the first pair for deer hunting and realized one day I hated to take them off if I had a job to do in the afternoon so I ordered another pair. One thing I won't do is wear my hunting boots to the job site, too many smelly chemicals and the like. In fact I even try to limit how much I wear them in the house.

What I don't like about the Rocky Super Brute: They got to be a little too warm back in some of the warmer days in July and August. You can bet in three months I won't be saying that. The only other complaint is my work pair is showing some drying out, but that's mostly because I never treat them with conditioner or water repellant.

Hunting Boots Super Brute quality: Very well made. I know I would have gone through at least two pair in the time I've had these. Stitching is holding up great. The boot has pancaked a little bit but I guess that's to be expected.

Super Brute summary: Great boots for work or play. Give them a try and you'll remember my name.

Rating for this Rocky product: 5

Author of this review on Rocky Hunting Boots: Ray Santoni

Date: 2003-09-26

Usefulness Rating: 4.28571 out of 5.
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