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Carl Zeiss Hunting Scope VM/V 3 x 12 Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss Hunting Scope
Carl Zeiss Hunting Scope Model: VM/V 3 x 12
Review Category: Rifle Scopes

Purchase: Rifle Scopes I'm very pleased to find your site. Thank You. The reason I bought the Zeiss is kind of a long story. I'll do my best to shorten it up. When buying my new mini-DV video recorder the Salesperson showed me the difference in quality between two video cameras one with an off brand lens and the other with the Carl Zeiss Lens. The Zeiss lens was crystal clear and almost enhanced the vibrant colors of the store. The off brand was just mediocre. When I purchased my new Sako a few weeks back I considered many scopes and then queried the net to see if anyone offered a Carl Zeiss lens and to my surprise Zeiss actually makes high end scopes. There wasn't a decision to be made after discovering the Carl Zeiss website.

Things I like about the Carl Zeiss Hunting Scope VM/V 3 x 12 Rifle Scopes: The scope provides excellent images. It manages to bring in vivid light in all, but the darkest conditions. I also like the 3 x 12 offering. This will not only be my NY deer hunting rifle, but also my safari and out west rifle. Since I haven't had the scope just a few weeks it hasn't seen the rain, or for that matter clear weather. I can only go with what I read and from that it has an excellent reputation in my book.

What I don't like about the Carl Zeiss Hunting Scope VM/V 3 x 12: For I am not thy one to be-little.

Rifle Scopes VM/V 3 x 12 quality: This is a fine tool.

VM/V 3 x 12 summary: The groups I am producing are some of the best I've experienced. The quality of this optic is second to none. They charge a premium price for a premium product, but as my father taught me, you must pay for quality.

Rating for this Carl Zeiss Hunting Scope product: 5

Author of this review on Carl Zeiss Hunting Scope Rifle Scopes: Arthur V.

Date: 2003-09-27

Usefulness Rating: 3.44762 out of 5.
105 reader(s) voted.

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