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Brass Eagle Silver eagle Hunting Gear Misc

Hunting Gear Misc Manufacturer: Brass Eagle
Brass Eagle Model: Silver eagle
Review Category: Hunting Gear Misc

Purchase: Hunting Gear Misc I get this here lil beater at wally world for a measly 20.00bucks Not the kind you hit in your ford when its not hunting season. + tax

Things I like about the Brass Eagle Silver eagle Hunting Gear Misc: It the then little nugets from stealing from my garbage

What I don't like about the Brass Eagle Silver eagle: It dont kill the nugets just sends them home to their moms

Hunting Gear Misc Silver eagle quality: Its built ford tuff

Silver eagle summary: Its a good deal

Rating for this Brass Eagle product: 3

Author of this review on Brass Eagle Hunting Gear Misc: Red neck trucker

Date: 2005-01-21

Usefulness Rating: 2.25 out of 5.
12 reader(s) voted.

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