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API Grand Stand Supreme Treestand Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: API Grand Stand Supreme
API Grand Stand Supreme Model: Treestand
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands I purchased the stand last year from a local vender/dealer the "Tackle Shack" in Brunswick Ga. Cost of the stand was $225.00. I was looking for a solid stand that would allow me (200 Pounds) to hunt larger trees in a riparian corridor in the Southeastern U.S. (South Georgia)

Things I like about the API Grand Stand Supreme Treestand Tree Stands: The stand is extremely solid, chain fastener to the desired tree. Quiet and relatively light (22lbs).

What I don't like about the API Grand Stand Supreme Treestand: I seemed to have purchased a factory abnomily. The stand was sold to me at a full retail price however it is totally unsafe for use. It is a mortal liability for any user. The welding is incorrectly angled on the tree/stand interface. As such, the stand has an approximaely 1" gap between the most inward teeth on the platform. This does not allow the stand to "bite" any size tree... large or small. I slipped last week( the platform slid down the tree) and cracked my skull on the seat/upper portion of the stand due to this poor factory/ production quality control result.Had I not been using a saftey harness I might have been seriously injured. I have since, fully examined the stand and found it quite deficient in engineering. I have hunted from portable climbers prior to the production maket( made my own) and have never found a stand that is more unstable, poorly fitted or unreliable to hunting. To make matters worse API has not responded to my repeated calls for registering my warning/complaint. I question the ethics of the company and their desire to produce a safe quality product.In my opinion the stand rates a negative 5 and the customer service of API rates a negative 10.


Treestand summary:

Rating for this API Grand Stand Supreme product: 1

Author of this review on API Grand Stand Supreme Tree Stands: Dorset Hurley

Date: 2003-09-28

Usefulness Rating: 4.14444 out of 5.
90 reader(s) voted.

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