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Falcon FTO700 Fishing Misc Equip

Fishing Misc Equip Manufacturer: Falcon
Falcon Model: FTO700
Review Category: Fishing Misc Equip

Purchase: Fishing Misc Equip In this cold of winter im always looking to into my tacklebox reorganizing the box(s) and making a list of the lures that i need to rplace from last seasons outings. I came across one of the best storage systems for buzz and spinner baits boxes that out there on the market from the 2005 bass pro shop master fishing catolog. I paid 10.99 for the box.

Things I like about the Falcon FTO700 Fishing Misc Equip: This is by far the best way of storing your wire baits because it holds the bait by the wire not allows the bait to move around even if you turn it over or accidently drop it the baits will still all be in the same place as you left them. Also this box allows you to store both types of baits speately with a divider and the boxs fits into a multlevel tackle box that uses the 81/2 by 11. Falcon produce a lot of different speciality type boxes thats are great for a certian type of bait. Last i aslo like to add that it uses four locks instead of 2 which seals the box very securly i almost even say waterproof and floatable.

What I don't like about the Falcon FTO700: There always got to be some thing thats a negative about a product and this one i tried to find it yoo. I came up with a few first off when i got the box i reeally like the box and in the box there was a advertisement and it gave an email address that is either invalid or no longer in exsistince Second is the tacklebox is a platic molded box with dividers and i wanted to make one all spinner and one all buzz baits and when i did that i notice that the way that piece locks in isnt the easyest to lock properly without haveing to like push in on the boxes sides.

Fishing Misc Equip FTO700 quality: Plastic molded part like a palno storage box. Using dividers

FTO700 summary: this is by far the best storage container that is specialized on a type of bait wire baits.

Rating for this Falcon product: 4

Author of this review on Falcon Fishing Misc Equip: RJ Mueller

Date: 2005-01-30

Usefulness Rating: 3.07059 out of 5.
85 reader(s) voted.

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