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CVA Optima .50 Cal Muzzleloader Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: CVA
CVA Model: Optima .50 Cal Muzzleloader
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder I purchased this rifle at my local Archery/Primative arms dealer. He had them on sale for $280 Canadian or around $200 US.

Things I like about the CVA Optima .50 Cal Muzzleloader Black Powder: The feel of this rifle when you shoulder it is amazing. When I first picked it up I knew the way it shouldered that it would be a good fit for my. The break action makes for easy access to the breach plug for slick removal and to put in the 209 primer. The fore end comes off with one screw and the barrel comes off as soon a you press down on the lever. This muzzleloading rifle has many features found on more costly rifles.

What I don't like about the CVA Optima .50 Cal Muzzleloader: The rifle comes with a fairly heavy trigger and it has no specifications or instructions for having a gunsmith reduce it. After over a hundred shots it does appear to be working in a bit but it still is a bit on the heavy side for me.

Black Powder Optima .50 Cal Muzzleloader quality: This muzzleloading rifle has many features found on more costly rifles. The stock is extremely comfortable with a built in recoil pad. It is very easy to shoot and soft on the shoulder. The bluing is excellent quality. The breach plug is easy to access and a removal tool is included. It comes with fibre optic sights that are very usable but is also drilled and tapped or a scope.

Optima .50 Cal Muzzleloader summary: The first time out I shot a very nice doe from my treestand. The shot was at 15 yds so not a true challenge for the gun. However it just hammered the animal and it dropped instantly. I know it is capable of excellent accuracy but can obviously kill them up close as well. This is a fine gun, very accurate and a pleasure to shoot, well worth every penny spent.

Rating for this CVA product: 4

Author of this review on CVA Black Powder: A J Taylor

Date: 2005-02-02

Usefulness Rating: 4.15957 out of 5.
282 reader(s) voted.

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