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stealth cam STC-WD3 Cameras & Accessories

Cameras & Accessories Manufacturer: stealth cam
stealth cam Model: STC-WD3
Review Category: Cameras & Accessories

Purchase: I acquired my Stealth Cam from searching the net and looking for the best quality product I could find, at the best price. I found this unit at Native Out Doors, on the net at the best price for the package. The reason for buying this cam was the 2.0 gig compatable flash card slot and the other functions like, 3.0 megpixels, down loading and 12 volt battery hook up. Paid $417.00 w/ 2 day delivery, spare battery, battery storage box & charger, extra cable, and flash card reader to plug into the computer, which is usb in put.

Things I like about the stealth cam STC-WD3: What I really like about the cam was I could hook up the 12volt battery, set in the woods and forget about it for weeks at a time. Knowing that putting it out there in the woods it had the load capicity of up to as many as 2 to 3 thousand pic's on one flash card. Wow what more could you ask for! A week or more of pic's telling you date and time of whats comming and going in certain area's of your hunting property. The quality of the pictures are excellent.

What I don't like about the stealth cam STC-WD3: What I don't like about the camera is it doesn't work with a 1 or 2 gig flash card. I can only use up to a 512, not the 2 like the manual says you can use. I'm waiting on word from the owner of Native Out Doors whom is going to the stealth company to find out why this is happening. I guess I'm not the only one having this problem

STC-WD3 quality: plastic water proof housing with a double locking latches and a rubber seal keeping moisture out, infored & heat sencer and they work really well

STC-WD3 summary: Bottom line I would of still bought the stealth cam but not for the price I paid, I was think of the 2 g memory card and I'm very disappointed it's not working.

Rating for this stealth cam product: 3

Author of this review on stealth cam Cameras & Accessories: Nick Silvis

Date: 2005-03-30

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