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Flambeau Tackle Station 5005ST Tackle Boxes

Tackle Boxes Manufacturer: Flambeau
Flambeau Model: Tackle Station 5005ST
Review Category: Tackle Boxes

Purchase: Since i'm getting older i thought i would try a "Soft Sided" tackle box to reduce some weight. I was at Wal Mart looking around and thought "Wow, what a concept!" A tackle box that had 7 individual trays, the top unzips from the bottom, and lots of room, that was only $39.99 for all that room.

Things I like about the Flambeau Tackle Station 5005ST: I was able to take 2 tackle boxes (a smaller 3 tray and a large 3 tray) and condence down to one box. I thought i had a lot of tackle, but there is actually space! I now have more individual and seperate trays for crank baits, spoons, rooster tails, jigs, hooks, weights, and other misc. tackle.

What I don't like about the Flambeau Tackle Station 5005ST: Well, this is going to sound strange, but the extra room that i like soo much, is also my enemy! I wanted to reduce weight, but with the both compartments zipped together, and now with all my tackle in one box.....IT'S HEAVY! And the worse thing about this "soft sided" station is, the bottom compartment IS NOT SUPPORTED AND WILL COLLAPSE WHEN YOU HAVE THE TOP ZIPPED ON! (unless you tip it on it's back, grab what you need and return it). Lastly, the bottom and back is NOT protected at all. Which means, if you fish in the field like me, you are NOT able to just brush off dirt and mud as it soaks up in the material and always has a "dirty" presentation from the lack of a "rubber" bottom which it could benefit from greatly!

Tackle Station 5005ST quality: Even though it may look like the negative out weighs the positive, this is a pretty tough soft sided box. To clean i have power washed it when i wash my car, and it held up everytime, still working like the day i bought it! I have also snagged it on trees, thorn bushes, and dragged it around to move it closer to me (the normal rigors of the field to stream) and it has never let my down.

Tackle Station 5005ST summary: Pound for pound, this is a good system. But would greatly benefit from a "light weight cage type" supprot system in the lower compartment.

Rating for this Flambeau product: 4

Author of this review on Flambeau Tackle Boxes: Doc.

Date: 2005-04-17

Usefulness Rating: 4.96053 out of 5.
76 reader(s) voted.

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