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Redington Nano TiQ 6wt Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods Manufacturer: Redington
Redington Model: Nano TiQ 6wt
Review Category: Fishing Rods

Purchase: Fishing Rods This was a gift from my wife and i think it went for around $500 to $700?

Things I like about the Redington Nano TiQ 6wt Fishing Rods: This rod "was" (i'll get to the "was" later) spectacular! I have fished Loomis, Croix, T&T, Winston, and Sage but by far (in 6 wt) this was the best i have ever fished with! (with T&T in second and Winston in third, and Croix in fourth.)

What I don't like about the Redington Nano TiQ 6wt: Ok, here is what i don't like and it is not in any attempt to bash the company! I latched on to a stray King while fishing for Rainbows and he broke my rod. Now usually this doesn't happen nor have i ever had this happen, but it did. I sent it back to Redington and the found that it was the cause of the fish hitting soo hard, and making a run for it. Now what i got in return to "Replace" that rod was a rod that i don't even know what the heck it was, but only that it had the Redington name on it!!!!! I think it was a CS or a CPS....nonetheless IT WAS NOT WHAT I HAD BY FAR!!!!!!! Since then, i sent that thing back and demanded my old rod back, which i am happy to say i have again.

Fishing Rods Nano TiQ 6wt quality: The quality of the Nano TiQ is second to none and even with my new upper piece, (that i had to build myself) i'm back in action now! Plus, i know that the breakage was a fluke and i will not mark this rod down for a fluke!

Nano TiQ 6wt summary: I would not ever buy another new Redington rod nor ever deal with them again, but if i found one me, i'd never think twice!!!!!!!!

Rating for this Redington product: 5

Author of this review on Redington Fishing Rods: Ray

Date: 2005-04-19

Usefulness Rating: 3.25 out of 5.
76 reader(s) voted.

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