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Quantum Energy PTi Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Quantum
Quantum Model: Energy PTi
Review Category: Fishing Reels

Purchase: Gift from Brother that swore up and down it out does my/his Shimano Sustain. I bought him the Sustain and a Stradic the same year because i've used Shimano for many years. He however, ended up selling them because his Sustain let him down in Canada and (luckily) his friend let him borrow the Quantum Energy PTi for the rest of the fish. I think he paid $130 each?

Things I like about the Quantum Energy PTi: Now like i said, i fished Shimano reels for many, MANY years with a few problems here and there, mostly with bail system and 4 times the drag failing. But this Quantum is just surreal! Honestly, i thought because of the affiliation with Zebco (moronic thinking on my part!) Quantum couldn't have something soo good. WAS I WRONG!!!!!!! First of all, it's over $100 cheaper. Secondly it has more bearings and is way smooth compared to the 6 bearing Susutain, 5 bearing Stradic, and even comparing it to my "late" Shimano Stella. The bail system on the Quantum is unlike anything i've ever used "Magnetic" and quite frankly, i had trouble trusting it. But that's the surrealness of the reel and let me assure you....I trust it more than i would ever trust another Shimano reel again because of my bail spring problems in my Stella and Sustain! The drag is smooth as silk and tough as nails with my experience of having one on a noodle rod. That is the ultimate torture test of any reel because you get into overheating, annealing, and friction welding problems. Let me assure you again....Time after time with between 100 and about 220 yards of line being zipped off and your reel not needing any, at all service is something a person can get used to VERY quickly! Plus Quantums "Hot Sauce" lubricant is great!!!! It's a very slick and clean lube, (Red in color) and comparing to the different grease used on other manufactures, it's second to none!

What I don't like about the Quantum Energy PTi: Can't complain about one thing!

Energy PTi quality: Top notch quality, and again tough as nails!

Energy PTi summary: At this price and beyond, you can't get any better, HANDS DOWN!

Rating for this Quantum product: 5

Author of this review on Quantum Fishing Reels: Ray

Date: 2005-04-21

Usefulness Rating: 4.94258 out of 5.
209 reader(s) voted.

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