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Shakespeare Excursion EX235 Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Shakespeare
Shakespeare Model: Excursion EX235
Review Category: Fishing Reels

Purchase: Fishing Reels Purchased new from Wal Mart Sporting Goods. I was looking to replace a broken (the handle snapped off) 20 year old Shakespeare 300 reel. I paid $27.95 for this reel.

Things I like about the Shakespeare Excursion EX235 Fishing Reels: Initial smootheness. When I first bought this thing it operated smoothe as glass. Comparable to my Shimano Sahara 4000, at half the price. It looks great, nice looking (initially) crhome trim pieces, easy to adjust drag, nice solid bail and good line roller. This reel also came with a nice milled aluminum spool, and a graphite spool. I only use the aluminum.

What I don't like about the Shakespeare Excursion EX235: The chrome flaked off of several of the major trim pieces within a week of purchase (4 outings). Unlike my Shimano, this thing gets gummed up very easily, and is hard to clean and lubricate. There did not appear to be sufficient factory lubrication on the unit as delivered. And even though this thing has never been dropped in the sand (it goes between truck, to boat and back), the reel seems to act as a sand magnet getting every bit of sand stuck in it. The works inside are not user accesible so I cannot go in and clean it all out. Taking the spool, handle, and side cap off and soaking it in Gun & Reel oil gets it back into new operating condition, though, so it's okay.

Fishing Reels Excursion EX235 quality: I am disappointed with it's inability to be owner serviced as the covers seem to have some sort of specialty fasteners on them, and the lack of factory lubrication. Shakespeare would do well to include cleaning and lubrication instructions with their reels. My Cateras had them, but for some reason the Excursion did not. I am not confident I will get more than two seasons out of this reel.

Excursion EX235 summary: This reel is a very poor representative of Shakespeare products. I have used Shakespeare reels since I was a kid, and although they aren't fancy, they have always been workhorses. This reel is a serious disappointment. I wish I had kept my reciept.

Rating for this Shakespeare product: 1

Author of this review on Shakespeare Fishing Reels: SuperDave3006

Date: 2005-05-07

Usefulness Rating: 4.45455 out of 5.
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