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Cabelas F-3 125 grain Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: Cabelas
Cabelas Model: F-3 125 grain
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Broadheads I purchased the broadheads through Cabelas online catalog for $20. I had been eyeing the compact fixed blade broadheads that several companies are currently making because of the claims that they fly like field points.

Things I like about the Cabelas F-3 125 grain Broadheads: I am sold on their ability to fly like a field point. I did not have one arrow that seemed to fly better than any other. There has been no messing around with particular arrows performing better than others with these broadheads. I have not hunted with them yet, but my arrows had approximately 12 inches of shaft and broadhead sticking out of my 3D whitetail target when shooting through the untouched midsection. At $20 per half dozen I have the piece of mind that my arrow will fly true with a fixed blade broadhead. I shoot a Mathews Featherlight @70lbs. with 29" 2219's.

What I don't like about the Cabelas F-3 125 grain : At this point I have no dislikes.

Broadheads F-3 125 grain quality: The construction of the broadheads is great.

F-3 125 grain summary: I would definately recommend this broadhead to an individual looking for a compact fixed blade broadhead.

Rating for this Cabelas product: 5

Author of this review on Cabelas Broadheads: Derek

Date: 2005-05-24

Usefulness Rating: 4.61538 out of 5.
13 reader(s) voted.

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