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Tree Stands Climbing and Fixed

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Tree Stands Model: Climbing and Fixed
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Purchase: I own many treestands which I've collected throughout the last ten years. Here's my thoughts on a few of them including Summit, Loggy Bayou and Hunter's View Tree Stands. I will also provide my thoughts on ladder stands versus climbing tree stands. I don't remember the cost of all of them, but I think their all pretty near the same price.

Things I like about the Tree Stands Climbing and Fixed: As a kid I always like the climbers even though tree stands have come a long way since then. My first climbing tree stand was from a company called TSC Tree Stands. I'm not sure if they are even in business anymore. The tree stand was basically a piece of plywood with a large metal band wrapped in rubber. There were no teeth on the band and treestand safety wasn't on anyones mind back then. I still have a scar on the side of my ribs from the first time I used that stand. Back to my original point. As a kid and up until a few years ago I always used climbers. I loved my Loggy Bayou tree stand on all but icey days. The stand did great, but if there was some snow or freezing rain overnight then look out because climbing in that tree stand was a bear. I remember one opening day I was hunting a remote area of brush with only one opening in the brush. If I hunted from the ground I would have been scented or spotted in a heartbeat so I planned on using my Loggy Bayou, unfortunately there was an icy covering on the tree from the night before. Long story short I just couldn't get the stand to grip and it would slip down losing any progress I made. I finally got to a decent heighth but was dripping in sweat when I did get there and that's no way to spend an opening morning. Now that I'm approaching 40 years old I've moved to ladder stands. Actually I now convert them into my own platforms using the ladder to get up there and then building a platform that's a lot more comfortable and roomy for a big guy. I buy the cheaper Hunter's View Tree Stands and fully assemble them and then while I'm up there I build a larger platform using the original parts of the stand from a base. I'm sure the tree stand manufacturers wouldn't suggest this for safety reasons, but it works real well for me and I've done this on three different stands. The best part is I attach the ladder to the stand so I can easily unhook it and hide it in the brush so no one is using my stand on the days I'm not at camp. Go find your own spot I put countless hours of scouting before the season in and don't want someone hunting from my treestand.

What I don't like about the Tree Stands Climbing and Fixed: The cheaper ladder tree stands have the worst directions I've ever seen. Charge me an extra dollar and at least put some good directions together. If the entire directions for putting the stand together are on one 8.5 x 11 piece of paper I know there are going to be problems. I forgot to mention the Summit tree stands they are awesome. If I'm going to use a climber anymore you can bet it will be a Summit. Light weight and well engineered I just can't say enough about them. I have a buddy who still uses one at 55 years old and he gets up off the ground 30 feet or more in no time at all. Other dislikes are too many of the stands don't offer enough room when up in the platform. My best hunting boots are size 12 and a lot of the hunting stands don't leave a lot of room for movement especially if you carry a pack up in the treestand with you.

Climbing and Fixed quality: Being I modify a lot of the tree stands I can't say a lot here. One warning is if you are going to use the stand right out of the box plan on it making some noise. With some of the cheaper ladder stands not all the screws fit in as planned and some I've seen just love to make noise. Plan on putting the ladder stand up and then revisiting with your tool kit to get rid of those squeaks and raddles. I should also note some of the climbing stands take some getting used to no matter how easy it is to climb some are still a bear getting setup, especially when you're trying to be as quiet as possible.

Climbing and Fixed summary: What type of tree stand you use all depends on what you're looking for. As I said earlier as I age I prefer a ladder tree stand, but a few years back I didn't mind being up above the clouds in a climbing stand. Try buying one of the cheap ladder stands and then use the ladder to build a good platform using the chair of the stand to make it all that much nicer. I put a nice piece of plush carpeting up there too so I don't arrive to an iced over stand. I even put shooting rails on it that can double as safety rails in case I were to slip. This year I want to purchase one of the umbrella blinds for each of my three stands and get those up in the next few weeks so the deer have plenty of time to get used to them. Last point is remember to keep safety first when going up in a tree stand. Good Hunting.

Rating for this Tree Stands product: 5

Author of this review on Tree Stands : Frank Smythe

Date: 2005-07-03

Usefulness Rating: 4.2 out of 5.
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