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Comfort Zone Tree Stands Pro Staff 15 Foot Buddy Stand Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Comfort Zone Tree Stands
Comfort Zone Tree Stands Model: Pro Staff 15 Foot Buddy Stand
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands My son is now elleven years old and it's time to introduce him to hunting. His Mother and I didn't want him in one of my permanent stands which are pretty high up and don't offer a lot of oppurtunity for mistakes. The buddy stand seemed like a logical choice. I'm new to the world of semi-permanent stands. I paid about $160 for it thinking I would get a deal before the season. Actually I saw them this morning in a Dick's ad for $129.

Things I like about the Comfort Zone Tree Stands Pro Staff 15 Foot Buddy Stand Tree Stands: I wasn't sure if 15 foot was high enough off the ground, but it covered Justin's fidgeting very well. Also he was very excited about going hunting with Dad for the first time and had been wearing his hunting outfit just about everywhere. No telling what scents he had on it. The height of the stand seemed to cover it well. The stand gave did very little movement. This is the first of this type I've used and have used climbing stands in the past that flexed and rattled which doesn't build your confidence in the stand. This stand was very solid. Just for safety sake since my son would be up there with me I took a ratchet strap, along to make sure the stand wouldn't separate from the tree for any reason.

What I don't like about the Comfort Zone Tree Stands Pro Staff 15 Foot Buddy Stand: It's kind of like a two man raft which I've learned to figure is a man and a quarter. It gave us each room to stand or sit, but there wasn't a lot of room to switch sides which we did a number of times for various reasons. For one man ift would offer plenty of room especially on a cold day when you need to take a few steps to stay warm.

Tree Stands Pro Staff 15 Foot Buddy Stand quality: I'm pleased with it. There are probably more expensive ones out there with padding etc. The way I look at it I can go to Lowes this week and pick up some padding for both the rails and the seat. I may even add a couple of elevated gun mounts. The saftey harness that came with the stand is a little too big for him. Someone should make a smaller size for youth, not just one that leaves a lot of slack when tightened. That extra slack may actually cause an accident, more than prevent one.

Pro Staff 15 Foot Buddy Stand summary: Besides the room to move around in it, I'm happy with the purchase. His Mother is happy with it as well since it has rails and isn't too high off the ground.

Rating for this Comfort Zone Tree Stands product: 4

Author of this review on Comfort Zone Tree Stands Tree Stands: Thomas Anderson

Date: 2003-10-05

Usefulness Rating: 4.77019 out of 5.
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