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Marcum Technololgies Marcum LX-3 Fish Finders

Fish Finders Manufacturer: Marcum Technololgies
Marcum Technololgies Model: Marcum LX-3
Review Category: Fish Finders

Purchase: Fish Finders I did alot of research on this unit and its competitors before deciding to purchase and after using it on the ice last winter doing my own comparisons beside competitors units I am very happy that my research paid off, and I invested my dollars in the Marcum LX-3 sonar flasher . I acquired this unit through a Marcum rep that I was able to contact through a fishing website I belong to and paid $400.USD for it plus all the fees and taxes incurred by bring it across the border into Canada . What really sold me on the unit is its adjustable ,moveable zoom and everything else that comes standard in this unit compared to the competitors who have the extra features as options that bump the price up .

Things I like about the Marcum Technololgies Marcum LX-3 Fish Finders: The Marcum LX-3 has it all in one tidy package that I believe was designed by fishermen for fishermen .It comes with a 20 degree transducer,1500 watts peak to peak power ,depth ranges of 20,40,80 and 160 feet,the zoom is moveable and size of window is adjustable anywhere in the water column, the target separation is 2.15 iches in regular mode and 1 inch in zoom .With this package comes a 12 volt 7amp battery with a DCS charger which displays as you charge and discharge digitally and everything is contained in a sturdy soft case which makes it very,very portable . The Marcum LX-3 is simplicity at its best, even for those technically challenged, and only takes minutes to figure out . When you see this three color sonar it is a treat and almost like cheating . I can see a 1/32 ounce jig moving in 50 fow without a problem and it allows you to see the mood of the fish as they come in . The lines that are your bait,baitfish,weeds and target fish are extremely crisp and easy to define . Also something that I found which fishermen fishing in groups of other fishermen using sonar may find interesting, is that the Marcum LX-3 has the Interference Rejection settings feature and does not ever have interference issues with other nearby sonar but they might with it, because it is the most powerful 3 color flasher on the market .

What I don't like about the Marcum Technololgies Marcum LX-3: I have absolutely no dislikes with this unit .

Fish Finders Marcum LX-3 quality: Well this unit is built tough enough to withstand the rigours of icefishing and the Canadian North .The DCS charging system reads out your charging and discharging digitally and does not have to be monitored while it is charging because it goes automatically into maintenance mode after the battery is charged so that it can be left on the charger indefinately without fear of over charging the battery . The crisp color lines as it defines and separates the targets in the cone, are mind boggling to say the least. This all comes complete in a durable soft pack that contains everything and makes hole hopping a breeze .

Marcum LX-3 summary: The Marcum LX-3 is the very best 3 color flasher on the market today and is built in the U.S.A. by people that have raised the bar above their competitors .It will definately increase peoples chances of catching fish and I will not icefish without one ever again . It will show you the mood of the fish as they come in to inspect the offered bait and when you see the line of the fish and the line of your jig converge into one ,,,,set the hook .LOL

Rating for this Marcum Technololgies product: 5

Author of this review on Marcum Technololgies Fish Finders: D. Moldenhauer

Date: 2005-07-26

Usefulness Rating: 4.525 out of 5.
80 reader(s) voted.

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