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Rapala DT Series Bass Lures Baits

Bass Lures Baits Manufacturer: Rapala
Rapala Model: DT Series
Review Category: Bass Lures Baits

Purchase: Bass Lures Baits I picked the four of them up at Wal-Mart just last month. I bought quite a few that day so I'm not sure exactly what they cost, I would guess as I recall about $4 to $5 per piece.

Things I like about the Rapala DT Series Bass Lures Baits: The ad I read said they dive fast and stay in the strike zone the longest of all lures. That's what hooked me on buying them. Excellent casts are easy to achieve with these.

What I don't like about the Rapala DT Series: Once I got them out on the water I realized they might be diving a little to fast for my liking. I guess I'm just used to Rapalas that aren't weighted as much. I managed to lose one on the bottom not ten casts into the day last Sunday. Who knows maybe I was just day dreaming and forgot how fast these guys sink.

Bass Lures Baits DT Series quality: I'm sold on Rapala and I don't think I'll encounter any problems with these guys.

DT Series summary: I like it just need to get use to the dive. I forgot to mention I was really impressed with the side to side action.

Rating for this Rapala product: 2

Author of this review on Rapala Bass Lures Baits: Bassmaster

Date: 2003-08-25

Usefulness Rating: 3.59259 out of 5.
135 reader(s) voted.

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