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Mitchell's Mausers MM-1 Mauser Other

Other Manufacturer: Mitchell's Mausers
Mitchell's Mausers Model: MM-1 Mauser
Review Category: Other

Purchase: Other I bought this for around $300 at Dunham's Sporting Goods, unsure becaus of all the federal taxes. They buy a lot of unused military surplus rifles. This is my new hobby, during the games on Sundays I sit there with my sand paper and work away at the stock, it keeps me out of trouble. The gun was never issued and even has the original matching serial numbers.

Things I like about the Mitchell's Mausers MM-1 Mauser Other: I'll really have something here when done. It even came with the original bayonet. The action needs a little work, but you can tell it'll be something special once the years of storage are worked away.

What I don't like about the Mitchell's Mausers MM-1 Mauser: If I were buying this off the shelf expecting it to be ready I'd have a huge problem. As is I know what I got up front and also realize the work will pay off with a gun I can give one of my kids someday.

Other MM-1 Mauser quality: These guns were really made well back then. They may not be the smoothest action anymore, but it will be dependable beyond belief. They expected nothing less.

MM-1 Mauser summary: I'm really enjoying restoring the gun. I needed an outlet and this is just what the doctor ordered. Unlike a lot of things I could be doing, this will give me something when I'm done with it. Highly recommed it to anyone. I could really use that GPS so wish me luck.

Rating for this Mitchell's Mausers product: 5

Author of this review on Mitchell's Mausers Other: Gary Boulder, CO

Date: 2003-10-08

Usefulness Rating: 4.43396 out of 5.
53 reader(s) voted.

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