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Optronics Rechargeable Spotlights Other

Other Manufacturer: Optronics
Optronics Model: Rechargeable Spotlights
Review Category: Other

Purchase: I got this for spotting on my quad. I could have rigged something up to run off the quad,didn't want to risk any problems so I decided to go with rechargeable. I got the rechargeable one at 1 million power. Paid $42.99 at the Warehouse Shop in Ellentown.

Things I like about the Optronics Rechargeable Spotlights: 1 million candlepower is a lot. Definitely covers a lot of field in a hurry. A lot of times I'll park in a field and then hike to my stand. I don't like to advertise I'm in the area by riding to my stand. It's a large group of cornfields so when I get back to my stand. I'll spot my way back and if I see anything interesting head in that direction. The rechargeable ability is nice and keeps me from going to the store for more batteries all the time. It also has a trigger lock in case I need my hands for other things.

What I don't like about the Optronics Rechargeable Spotlights: It's so bright it's bound to chew up the battery even if rechargeable. Other than that I wish it was a little smaller in size, I reckon it has to be large to be bright like it is.

Rechargeable Spotlights quality: seems well made. No problems yet and it's been just over a year.

Rechargeable Spotlights summary: I like it's portability. The light is stronger than any I've seen. Forgot to mention it's camo in color.

Rating for this Optronics product: 4

Author of this review on Optronics Other: Jake Blackwell

Date: 2003-10-09

Usefulness Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
8 reader(s) voted.

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