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Excalibur crossbows Vixen Archery Bows

Archery Bows Manufacturer: Excalibur crossbows
Excalibur crossbows Model: Vixen
Review Category: Archery Bows

Purchase: Archery Bows I bought my excalibur vixen crossbow from Archery Academy (in South Australia) for $580 Australian dollars. I had been interested in crossbows for a number of years, but most good quality brands were out of my price range. I didn't want to get anything cheap that wasn't reliable, and when I found out about excalibur crossbows (through and ad in a magazine) I requested for a brouchure, and I figured this was what I was looking for - a good quality crossbow at an affordable price. I have never regretted buying it.

Things I like about the Excalibur crossbows Vixen Archery Bows: Firstly, the crossbow has a good "feel" to it. It isn't very heavy (about 6lbs), has a comfortable stock, and is fairly well balanced. But the best part of it is the trigger. It has a short, light, pull, the best I have found on crossbows. The whole crossbow is built to last, with the quality showing through. It is a recurve crossbow, which I prefer, as they are lighter, more reliable, and stings can be easily changed. Once I found a good bolt set-up, the crossbow shot very accurately. It is designed to accept a scope, which I found was an advantage for shooting in low-light, and for shooting in general.

What I don't like about the Excalibur crossbows Vixen: There isn't much I don't like about the Vixen. I guess it is a fairly wide crossbow (about 35"), but this had never been much of a problem. When carrying it though thick scrub, I unsling it from my shoulder and hold it in front of me so I can manoeuvre it through. Some people find excalibur crossbows loud, but I don't find it excessive. Another drawback with the crossbow is that it doesn't have any anti dry-fire mechanism. Just means that you have to make sure you've put a bolt on the rail.

Archery Bows Vixen quality: I found it a sturdy construction, with not much that can go wrong. The whole front (limbs, stirrup) is attached to the mainframe via two bolts, so the crossbow can be dismantled into two for easier transport. It is of good quality, which becomes evident when you see and shoot one. Nearly all metal parts are aluminium, so I would be happy to take mine out in the rain.

Vixen summary: Overall, I found the Vixen a quality, accurate, poweful and affordable crossbow. Everything I was looking for. If I ever buy another crossbow, I'm sure it will be an excalibur, probably the next model up. If you're looking for a cheap crossbow to play around with for a while, this isn't it. It you're looking for a quality crossbow for target shooting and hunting that'll last you many years, this is it.

Rating for this Excalibur crossbows product: 5

Author of this review on Excalibur crossbows Archery Bows: oliver

Date: 2003-10-11

Usefulness Rating: 4.33766 out of 5.
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