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Bushunell Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision Trail Cameras (a-f)

Trail Cameras (a-f) Manufacturer: Bushunell
Bushunell Model: Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision
Review Category: Trail Cameras (a-f)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (a-f) Purchased: Ottawa Archery Paid: $359.00 Canadian

Things I like about the Bushunell Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision Trail Cameras (a-f): Night vision mode Upgradeable SD card for more memory Easy toggle switch operation Laser pointer 30 day battery life on 4 D batteries Has security lock and password

What I don't like about the Bushunell Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision: When batteries are removed you lose your time and date. With today's technology this seems a little ridicilous. Waterproof rubber seal comes off every time you open the case. Just glued it back but problem with all models check several boxes and all had same problem. Batteries have cheap velcro straps to hold battieres. Should have siding cover to keep batteries secure.

Trail Cameras (a-f) Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision quality: Tough plastic brown coloured case.

Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision summary: Good quality pictures and easy setup. Easy security lock and password. Would like to see a pivot bracket to make unit easier to point to target. Missed out on some very simple things like battery holder, proper seal, and memory for date and time.

Rating for this Bushunell product: 3

Author of this review on Bushunell Trail Cameras (a-f): Carlo Zarattini

Date: 2005-08-01

Usefulness Rating: 3.3913 out of 5.
115 reader(s) voted.

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