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stealth camera original first Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras Manufacturer: stealth camera
stealth camera Model: original first
Review Category: Trail Cameras

Purchase: I purchased my Stealth Camera at Gander mountain, 46.99; super good deal. I've had problems with a few things on this camera. First thing to go bad was the tree pole for mounting stripped out the hole that it attached to the metal frame on the camera. Know big deal, being the boyscout I once was, I just used the strapped that was provided in the box. That lasted maybe two movings then it broke. So I got some rope ,tied it to the bracket that slid behind the camera, tied it to the tree. It worked, no big deal. So basically two items, somewhat important, but can be fixed broke right off the back. So, be prepared for that. The camera itself worked excellent, the pictures were sharp. crisp, vivid to really good detail. The wide angle lense keeps everything nice and neta lookinh in the pictures. I like the choice of being able to set your camera to 1 to 10 pics every 90 minutes. Good deal there, because, because that's how you get the deer on camera. See, I used mine after bow hunting season had ended. I just through say 10 to 15 pounds of corn a week in the woods, all legal, and my camera on the tree 15 feet away and walla. But one problem deer do get a little spooked when a flash is stone blinded when they get near the corn, but if you set the stealth camera to say 2 pics every 14 mins or whatever, the first two might scare them, yea, but when they try to get near the corn again, nothing happens. No flash no pics for 14 mins.But, when the 14 mins is up, WAMMO! perfect pics everytime. And the deer always come back. The camera rocks, I'm telling you. So there you have it. The only othe thing, which might be of some concern, is that I ran the camera, in the woods, in Mn in Janaury. That -30 degrees up here., The camera worked excellent the all the way through spring. However I'm trying the camera in a different spot right now, in the fall 2005, and it seems that the camera sensor may have a moisture problem, or something cause' the sensor will show that it is working or sensing motion when I walk in front of or around. But when you flip the switch to actual run it is hardly sensing you anymore. So needles to say I don't think the camera can handle severe cold. What do you except for 46.99 right! Bottom line, cheap strap, cheap metal nut and pole hanger, (use a rope ot something, no big deal). The camera is excellent, might have a few mishaps, (white wash) on the film. When it's brand new goes away after that. Take care of it dont' be a Do-do like me and think it's invincible. It won't like you the next season. Bottom line good camera to put in the woods to get excellent pictures of deer

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Rating for this stealth camera product: 3

Author of this review on stealth camera Trail Cameras: Jumpinjim

Date: 2005-08-20

Usefulness Rating: 4.16667 out of 5.
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