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Sportsman's Guide Mesh Gloves Mesh Back Gloves Shooting Accessories

Shooting Accessories Manufacturer: Sportsman's Guide Mesh Gloves
Sportsman's Guide Mesh Gloves Model: Mesh Back Gloves
Review Category: Shooting Accessories

Purchase: Shooting Accessories I've always wanted to buy myself a pair of shooting gloves and finally broke down last month and bought some. I didn't pay a lot for them only $14.97 over the net at the Sportsmans Guide.

Things I like about the Sportsman's Guide Mesh Gloves Mesh Back Gloves Shooting Accessories: My Baby Glock is a .40 caliber and after a few clips it really get's your attention. I guess with the gun being so small there isn't a lot of places for the recoil to go. The leather is really soft and flexes well, I was worried about it when I ordered them, but am pleased with it's flexibility. Even though the gloves are thin they pickup a lot of the recoil from such a small gun. There's a nice layer of foam to help lessen the blow.

What I don't like about the Sportsman's Guide Mesh Gloves Mesh Back Gloves: My hands sweat any chance they get and even though these are mesh they still knew it was a lot warmer than usual. I was still able to keep an excellent grip even with the greasy palms.

Shooting Accessories Mesh Back Gloves quality: Very good quality. The one thing that I would change is they put a seam right in the middle of the trigger finger which a lot of gloves do. It drives me nuts, not just on these gloves, but any. I may just decide to make a nice cut and take the trigger finger out altogether.

Mesh Back Gloves summary: Worth the $14.95, wish I had bought them years earlier. As usual I will modify them to fit my likes and dislikes.

Rating for this Sportsman's Guide Mesh Gloves product: 3

Author of this review on Sportsman's Guide Mesh Gloves Shooting Accessories: Drake B.

Date: 2003-10-22

Usefulness Rating: 1 out of 5.
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