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Traditions 209 E-Bolt .45 Caliber Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: Traditions
Traditions Model: 209 E-Bolt .45 Caliber
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder My Dad bought this at Gander Mountain for approximately $80.00. It was purchased based on the price and the sights.

Things I like about the Traditions 209 E-Bolt .45 Caliber Black Powder: This was purchased as his first black powder gun. The staff at the store advised him this was a good rifle to get for the money. The sights are decent.

What I don't like about the Traditions 209 E-Bolt .45 Caliber: This is a dangerous gun. It has a history of going off while loading. The firing pin sticks out a little way from the actual bolt face. The bolt itself, will go forward if closing the action and the trigger is depressed at any point during the closing of the action. With the firing pin sticking out of the bolt face, this could lead to a discharge. The safety is in the way of the bolt handle, so closing the action can very well take the safety off. Be very careful if you have purchased this gun. Pay close attention to your safety and make sure you keep your finger off the trigger. As for accuracy, there were four of us at the range shooting. All proficient shooters. Not one of us could get a decent group with this gun.

Black Powder 209 E-Bolt .45 Caliber quality: Poor. It's a dangerous design and the fit and finish, if you're concerned about it at this point, are terrible. The sling swivels are not drilled properly so you can not attach a sling adequately. The metal work is rough.

209 E-Bolt .45 Caliber summary: I strongly recommend getting rid of this if you have purchased it. It is a dangerous design and was poorly manufactured. If you can not or will not get rid of it, please pay close attention to the safety and your trigger. Never, never, touch the trigger while in the process of loading or closing the bolt.

Rating for this Traditions product: 1

Author of this review on Traditions Black Powder: Parker D.

Date: 2005-09-01

Usefulness Rating: 4.45714 out of 5.
35 reader(s) voted.

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