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Burris Landmark 12-24x50 Compact Spotting Scope Hunting Gear Misc

Hunting Gear Misc Manufacturer: Burris
Burris Model: Landmark 12-24x50 Compact Spotting Scope
Review Category: Hunting Gear Misc

Purchase: Hunting Gear Misc This scope came in a package deal with a Burris Fullfield II 4.5x14 scope. I purchased it from SWFA for $350.00 delivered. The scope alone will cost $150.00 delivered. I needed the scope, and had a need for a compact spotting scope. I have another Burris Fullfield, and the full package value was hard to pass up.

Things I like about the Burris Landmark 12-24x50 Compact Spotting Scope Hunting Gear Misc: It was "Free" with the scope purchased. There was no price increase on the scope to include this spotter I like the variable power and overall size of the scope. The scope will fit nice in a back pack or saddle bag with little worry if it gets damaged. It has nice quality and thicknes of rubber armor protection. This scopes size and power range are it's only assets.

What I don't like about the Burris Landmark 12-24x50 Compact Spotting Scope: The quality of picuture is not great, but is more then adequate. You will be able to see animals and major features including basic antler size. I just used it on the range and compared it to two other scopes I have. The other spotters used were a Leupold 25x Gold Ring, and a Swarovski variable. I also checked it against the 4.5x 14 Leupold VXIII on the rifle I was shooting. The Burris is adequate, but I had to work to see 30 cal bullet holes in a cardboard backer even at 24x. The other spotters and rifle scope easily allowed me to see the bullet holes. Overall optical quality was less then the burris reputation has.

Hunting Gear Misc Landmark 12-24x50 Compact Spotting Scope quality: Overall construction appeared to be of decent quality. The obvious quality seal was evident on the "Made in China" sticker.

Landmark 12-24x50 Compact Spotting Scope summary: Overall this is an average quality scope, but is over priced to buy it alone. The price of the spotter, so I guess "Free" makes it a good deal. You would be better served to buy another spotter then to buy this one alone.

Rating for this Burris product: 2

Author of this review on Burris Hunting Gear Misc: Ron Oules

Date: 2005-09-05

Usefulness Rating: 3.21429 out of 5.
14 reader(s) voted.

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