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Archery Bows Manufacturer: MATHEWS SOLOCAM
Review Category: Archery Bows

Purchase: Archery Bows I purchased this bow at a local sporting goods shop for $719 plus tax.I figured it was time for a new bow.I had tried out several brands and models,then I shot the LX.

Things I like about the MATHEWS SOLOCAM LX Archery Bows: After I got it home and set it up with all the goodies as per Mathews easy-to-follow instructions,I took it outside.I literally shot for hours.FAST,POWERFUL,and very forgiving.This bow is quiet,very quiet,and as the ad claims has very little kick.It 'papers' perfectly and groups well. Its the one I've been waiting for.I dont see how they can improve on this one.

What I don't like about the MATHEWS SOLOCAM LX: Well after that you'd have thought this space would be blank.Lets talk about the PRICE again! $719.00 plus tax for a bare bow! Well its bought and paid for and I have no regrets.It also may be a touch heavy for those long 3-D shots,thats it!

Archery Bows LX quality: It seems vary durable and the company has a good reputation for quality. Of course this is a new bow and nothing should be wrong with it!

LX summary: This is the bow for me!I recommend it!

Rating for this MATHEWS SOLOCAM product: 5

Author of this review on MATHEWS SOLOCAM Archery Bows: HAPPY HUNTER

Date: 2003-10-25

Usefulness Rating: 4.40876 out of 5.
411 reader(s) voted.

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