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Hunters View 16' Black Bear Ladder Stand Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Hunters View
Hunters View Model: 16' Black Bear Ladder Stand
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands Purchased 2 @ GM. Was $129 for one and 1/2 off on the other. Never owned any kind of store bought tree stand and only bought because of a 14 year olds who wasn't to keen on tree climbing or even an elevated stand, but said he would try if it didn't "shake". Checked them all, Dunhams, Dick's, GM and sport shops. Liked the price and the features included. The deal maker was the wide platform 19"x 25" compared to similar price brands.

Things I like about the Hunters View 16' Black Bear Ladder Stand Tree Stands: Easy assembly once figured out. Comfortable seat and back rest. With ladder secured with brace and if you insure legs are pushed a bit into ground, very solid with no "shake". Wide rungs make for easy climb and just the right angle on arm rests so your hands naturally move up for that last step to the platform. Again the wide platform allows for room under the seat to slip in a small heater or other misc items.

What I don't like about the Hunters View 16' Black Bear Ladder Stand: Could use more pictures in instructions. Seat/back cushion cannot be removed without removing a bracket (nuts & bolts)which appears to act as a cross member support, so to take the cushion out of the weather, not easy to do with stand in place because everything is tight and the bolts bind. Cushion also blocks view when installing the ratchet strap. Though it gets easier with practice.

Tree Stands 16' Black Bear Ladder Stand quality: Not an engineer, but everything seems solid and supported in the right places. But more importantly, all the holes lined up. Thought the gun rest could have been a bit more heavy duty and when bolted in place, was still susceptible to slipping lower. Seems to me most stands, because they need to meet certification, are pretty close from the ground to the platform. After that, it's what comfort and features do you want.

16' Black Bear Ladder Stand summary: My 14 year old timidly went up (I started out with only 2 four foot sections) and he didn't think it was bad. In fact he thought it was pretty good. After going up and down several times and moving up to 12'he says it is pretty solid. With the addition of the harness and I even added a "lapbelt", just looping it under the arm rests, raises his comfort level more. Heck, I got up there and twisted and shake with no squeaks or measurable movement. High 4 for sure.

Rating for this Hunters View product: 4

Author of this review on Hunters View Tree Stands: Lance Larkin

Date: 2003-10-27

Usefulness Rating: 4.36364 out of 5.
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