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Crimson Talon Broadhead - by Spintite #2003-125 Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: Crimson Talon Broadhead - by Spintite
Crimson Talon Broadhead - by Spintite Model: #2003-125
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Broadheads I was outfitting myself for the current bow season and was reviewing my product options with my local Archery Dealer - Archery Lane, South Attleboro, MA. We discussed the broadheads available and I was intrigued by the technoilogical approach of Spintite and their new Crimson Talon Broadhead. THe 'rocket desgn' approach seemed to me to be an excellent idea, together with the intermediate blades, bringin the total to six. I bought two sets of three for $36.95 each set.

Things I like about the Crimson Talon Broadhead - by Spintite #2003-125 Broadheads: The blades are aerodynamically curved to encourage arrow rotation adn therefore a more boring air flight. There are intermediate blades to help with penetration and a bone crushing beveled point as well. One shot and one deer. In strong cross wind conditions the arrow stayed true to the target line and hit hard - clean entry and exit wounds. The deer didn't run forty yards after being hit. I was duly impressed by the strikingpower and efficiency of the broadhead.

What I don't like about the Crimson Talon Broadhead - by Spintite #2003-125: Not really a 'don't like' characteristic - but you need to be careful taking the broadhead out of a practice target if it has the arrow has the ability to travel through the stopping surface. If you try to simply pull back thorugh, the aerodynamically curved blades have a tendency to bend, requiring replacement. In thick block target, removal was not a problem. My simple fix was to unscreww the broadhead from the arrow when it penetrated through the one thinner practice target I was using.

Broadheads #2003-125 quality: The fit and finish of this product is beautiful. Great appearance and construction. Very easy to attach and dismantle for travel and storage.

#2003-125 summary: I was impressed with the consistency in my practice shooting and thoroughly impressed with the hitting and stopping power of this broadhead. Moreover, the fact that the broadhead was used to take my first bow deer of the season, was shot in considerable cross wind conditions and flew true to the target impressed both me and my friends. The 'hit' was powerful, traveling clean through leaving an enormous wound which have been easy to trail had the deer managed to travel any distance. As it was, the deer traveled less than forty yards and simply dropped. I remain impressed.

Rating for this Crimson Talon Broadhead - by Spintite product: 5

Author of this review on Crimson Talon Broadhead - by Spintite Broadheads: Mark Stopa

Date: 2003-10-28

Usefulness Rating: 4.57764 out of 5.
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